Wednesday, September 19, 2012



     With all the Kpop celebrities being overseas and all, there aren't many chances to attend their concerts but guess what? KCON is here! This October 13th, there will be a kpop convention held in Los Angeles. There will be plenty of booths dedicated to your favorite kpop artists and their fan booths as well! It doesn't matter whether you're a part of HOTTEST, VIP, or Blackjacks! Everyone is welcomed! Along with all these booths and gatherings of your fan club, there will be a greet and meet with several of your new and also veterans artists! Don't miss this chance to get your CDs or shirts signed by one of these artists! And to top it all off, there will be a concert held at the very end to bring the night to a close. The line up of artists is still being determined but a few groups have been revealed!

The line up will consist of:




More to come!

This is a rare chance to get close to some of these artists! I mean when do you get to see a rookie group that had just emerge just half a year ago performing in the United States?! So get your tickets now while you can! Tickets will be on sale at their website, 

Go on over to their website and purchase your ticket now! Don't miss out on this rare chance to be with a few of your favorite groups!!

Now for our giveaway contest! For those who may not be able to attend this event due to the distance, we will be selecting ONE lucky individual and fly them to the event! Just leave a comment below stating your twitter name and tell us why you deserve to go! Goodluck and have fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PSY continues Gangnam Styling over in the USA

In the previous month, PSY's GANGNAM STYLE, has gone viral throughout the united states. In just a matter of weeks, his Music Video has reached over 100million views and still continues to grow at a tremendous rate! During the first few weeks, the rate of it's views held at a constant 5million a week. Talk about outrageous! With his fame rising at such a rate in the United States, many record labels have  considered signing and working with PSY! As of recent, PSY has signed with Schoolboy Records which is a part of Universal records. Just how far will PSY be able to climb in the United States? Currently we can't say but he sure seems confident! With all the attention he has been recieving from the media and the general pubic here in the states, he has been invited on the Today show and not to mention, he was also a SPECIAL guest at the VMAs! Talk about class! With all his presence and new found fame, he has been taking this chance to snap a few photos with some of our celebrities as well!

                                PSY getting a shot with Chris Brown at the VMAs backstage!

                                         PSY continues getting his shots with Taylor Swift!

How far will PSY be taking his stardom in the States? Well, I suppose we'll have to sit back and wait for his debut here! But personally, this may just become another one hit wonder just like the Macarena, EYYYY MACARENA! Comment below on how far YOU think he will make it!